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Rajul is Co-founder and Director of Sunstone Business School. Previously, Rajul co-founded GlobalLogic, sold for $420M in 2013 to Apax partners in the largest deal of the year in India. Rajul built the operations of GlobalLogic from ground up in India and then expanded through global acquisitions, until 2008. He also consulted with top tier venture capital firms such as Sequoia Capital and Aavishkaar, where he got exposed to the education sector. Fresh out of college, Rajul founded Pine Labs, a leader in the Indian market in credit card transactions. Rajul serves on several Boards, including publicly traded S Mobility, a leader in digital mobility. He is an active mentor to several startups, a sought after angel investor and a participant in several industry bodies such as TiE, NASSCOM, IIT Mentors and others. Rajul is a 1998 Computer Science graduate from IIT, Delhi.

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What makes an IT services business valuable from a shareholder perspective?

The mega successes of IT services businesses like Infosys, Wipro and HCL among many others have inspired a whole generation of entrepreneurs to starting services businesses. Right from the mid-90s, services businesses have continued to proliferate and pepper the streets of nearly all tier 1 cities and increasingly a large… Continue Reading

3 Tips for Becoming a Better Manager

Transition into a Manager role is never trivial. New managers take responsibilities that requires skills not practiced by them earlier. Unfortunately, there is not enough structured education to become a better manager. However, learning from experiences of others and applying the basic concepts in real situations can help. In Sunstone… Continue Reading

Myths about Negotiations

Myths about Negotiations

All of us face negotiation situation regularly in our professional as well as personal life. While negotiation is an art, there is certain structure as well that can help you plan your negotiation tactics in certain situations. I would try to discuss few negotiation tools with relevant examples that can help you plan… Continue Reading

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